In our opinion, Susan is the best Boston bankruptcy attorney ever!

“Susan Grossberg is in a class by herself. We were blown away by our experience. For other legal issues in the past, my wife and I have hired what we thought at the time were very good lawyers. But Susan is on a higher plane entirely. She is the new standard for legal representation. Our only wish is that she handled more than bankruptcy–we would use her as our lawyer for EVERYTHING. Before hiring Susan, I contacted all the top bankruptcy lawyers in Boston, but no one responded with the level of uber-professionalism, care, and understanding that Susan did. Believe me, when dealing with bankruptcy, you need an attorney who is respectful of your situation. You need someone upbeat and positive when things are tough. You need someone smart enough to grasp your situation and experienced enough to ask the right questions to get you where you need to be as quickly as possible. You need someone who patiently explains legal concepts and procedures–even repeatedly–until you understand. You need someone who is clear about what you can and cannot do–and doesn’t make you feel like a loser for asking. In short, you need someone who is 100% at the top of his or her game AND someone who is 100% ON YOUR SIDE. You will not find a better bankruptcy attorney for your debt issues than Susan. She’s the kind of lawyer every client wants. And she’s what other lawyers dream they could be. We’re so glad we found her!”

Brandon, a Chapter 7 client